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Keeps Beer Cold 3x Longer!

The Kegcoat keeps kegs cold up to 3 times longer. In a test, the temperature of a Kegcoat keg only increased 3 degrees in 7 hours! The regular keg increased 10 degrees.

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Top of the Line Construction

The construction of our beer keg jacket is top-of-the-line. There is absolutely nothing else that even comes close. Keep reading to see why the Kegcoat is the best beer keg jacket you can buy.

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Durable Build

A full keg of beer weighs about 160 pounds. Thanks to an innovative new design, the keg jacket can handle the weight with no problem! The new design moves the seams away from the edges, where tears would be most likely to occur. The result: Less stress on sewn seams and an extremely durable design! The heavy duty YKK® zipper was made for durability. Its oversized design makes it tough enough to withstand the worst abuse!


Pure dedication to all things beer. We don't just think about it, we live it.

  • kegcoat Tony Diebold

    Tony Diebold


    I'm Tony, and I love beer so much that I frequent the Hofbrauhaus. The real one in Germany. I have a passion for building businesses and great products.

  • kegcoat Kevin Frey

    Kevin Frey


    I'm Kevin. Beer nut, and all around awesome dude. We started this company both having a passion for beer. We're trying to make great products that people love.

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    The Kegcoat

    (with us)

    I keep the beer cold.

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